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Safe Installation

At Bernard Toon & Son we offer a supply and install service for a range of different safes to suit both domestic and commercial applications. Typically freestanding safes are the most popular option as they can be resited, these usually sit on the floor and are bolted into place. They come in a variety of locking options including key, combination and even biometric now. Depending on the size there is usually a shelf internally.

Before looking at safes you need to consider what it is you are looking to protect and what you’re looking to protect it from as safes will usually fall into 1 of 2 categories, although some safes will fall into both.


Security Safes

These are primarily for protecting the contents against physical attack ie robbery. Perfect for securing valuables. These will have some fire resistance but fairly low.


Fire or Data Safes

These are primarily for protecting the contents against fire. Perfect for documents, computer media etc

If you’d like a quote for us to install a safe please call us on 01332 233 425 to discuss your requirements.

As well as the supply and install of new safes we can also carry out lock or combination changes to your existing safe and we also undertake safe servicing to ensure your safe is working as it should. We do from time to time have reconditioned safes for sale, please call for details.

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